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Silver Brush WC-3207S Black Velvet 'MUST HAVE' Set

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Watercolour, Inks, Dyes & Gouache | Short Handle​
Quality   ​​♦​♦​♦​​♦​♦
Stiffness   ​​♦​♢♢♢♢

The Silver Brush WC-3207S Black Velvet Set is a top-quality brush perfect for creating a wide variety of marks. Its unique blend of natural squirrel hair and durable synthetic fibers provides a full belly for consistent coverage and precise details. Ideal for watercolour, inks, dyes, and gouache, this brush is a must-have for all kinds of floral and botanical artwork.

Short Handle Brushes
•  1 each Round, Size 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12

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