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Silver Brush 3012S Black Velvet Watercolour Brushes

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Black Velvet® round brushes are capable of a variety of marks. With the proper amount of pressure, you can achieve fine lines, broad strokes, washes or precise details. Popular among floral and botanical artists, Black Velvet® is an excellent brush for one stroke flowers and leaves!

Black Velvet® watercolour brushes are handmade by expert artisans who undergo extensive training before they are skilled enough to produce the kind of quality that has become synonymous with Silver Brush Limited. Black Velvet® fine artist brushes feature a unique blend of natural squirrel hair and durable synthetics. The natural hair gives Black Velvet® a full belly that holds a maximum amount of colour so you don’t have to reload the brush as often, while the synthetics provide a slight snap that ensures your brush will always come to an extremely fine point.

Black Velvet® is soft enough to allow multiple-layer glazing, yet firm enough to lift colour with a gentle scrub. Can be used in watercolor, gouache, inks, and dyes.

3008S series features a specially engineered black acrylic handle with a beveled edge for scraping and separating paper from watercolour blocks.

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