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Borciani e Bonazzi Portrait Set 7 Brushes by Romina illuzzi

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From the artist's selection a kit of practical, versatile and essential brushes is born: for capturing facial features with the noble art of watercolor portrait.

The Kit contains 7 brushes:
• Series 203 size 20
• Series 903 sizes 4, 8 and 12
• Series 400 sizes 6 and 12

Artist's brushes description:

• Series 203 size 20: the perfect flat brush for wet on wet technique, it allows you to load colorin a creamy consistency and apply it on a good surface in a few steps;
excellent for backgrounds and thanks to the flat tip also for define precisely the contours of the light areas of faces that stand out against dark backgrounds.

• Series 903 sizes 4, 8 and 12: the flat and oblique tip is great for creating the depth of the hairlocks depth; using dry brush, the bristles separate in order to create thin parallel races; also ideal for small erasing, using the wet tip and then dried on paper.

• Series 400 sizes 6 and 12: they have excellent reservoir, I recommend it for the smallest details as well as for small glazes and for those precise color spots that enrich the drafting in the final stages.
When I work on dry this series is perfect for working fast.

• Series 168/S size 1 SPECIAL EDITION ROMINA ILLUZZI: a caress on the sheet, essential for the uniform glazes that I use to shade the finished portrait: the draft is large and compact, because it is guaranteed by a large reservoir, but at the same time gentle. The tip allows you to work with equal care on the details.

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