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Borciani e Bonazzi 856 Series Unico Infinito Extra-Long Quill Stand

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x12 Of Each Brush

Sharp in point, amazing in water release.

Extreme softness, extra-length fibre, incredible absorbency. For watercolour and all the diluted techniques.

Precision, compactness, versatility and large reservoir: here’s the tip of the liner.

- The iconic flame tip in patented Hidro® fibre.
- Three brass wire binding to use the entire reservoir of the tip, while maintaining the compactness.
- Thin and paper-thin lines with on-tip use.
- Backgrounds, washes and fills with use under pressure.
- Perfect control of the painting gesture in curve lines and in stroke changes.
- Very slow release of water and colour.
- Extra-long, harmonious, endless brushstrokes.
- Ideal for botanic watercolour, urban sketching and plein air.
- Lightweight, easy to handle, thin, solid: for on-tip use and under pressure.

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