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Borciani e Bonazzi 781 Pinstriping Flat Sword Brush Long Handle

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The Borciani e Bonazzi 781 Pinstriping Flat Sword Brush Long Handle features HIDRO® synthetic fiber, a nickel plated brass ferrule, and a regular wooden handle. This brush's patented HIDRO® technology allows for high absorption of water and medium when diluted, making it ideal for creating precise and detailed designs. Designed with an elongated tip that can thicken to a "leaf" shape when pressure is applied, this brush is available in two handle lengths - regular and extra short for pinstriping and decoration purposes.

The light stroke is fine, continuous and fluid even in directional changes, in pressure it opens creating a large flat and oblique track. The alternation between pressure and lightness creates soft curves, very long and thin lines, but also large, sinuous and thick strokes.

The series is ideal for precise techniques such as pinstriping, pottery and decoration. Suitable for diluted and semi-diluted media such as watercolors or enamels and for different surfaces: paper, metal, ceramic or wood.
When used with glazes and colours with medium density, it needs care in washing. Soak the tip in the thinner, then remove the excess with a cloth and use our vegetable soap to finalize the cleaning.

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