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Borciani e Bonazzi 710 IL Doppio Travel Brush

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IL DOPPIO is the first travel brush with double head and two closable capsules, the perfect solution for artists who want to always carry a versatile, precise, practical and functional instrument, during journeys and en plein air sessions of painting or out of studio.


The IL DOPPIO features two different patented heads made of synthetic fibers with exceptional properties, created by Borciani e Bonazzi. It includes a round quill brush with HIDRO® synthetic fiber size 2/0 that exhibits high absorbency and softness, allowing for gradual and even water release. Additionally, the brush has a thin and precise tip that widens into a generous diameter, following the pressure of the brush stroke and making it ideal for diluted painting techniques, backdrops, and medium backgrounds. The round brush in MKS® Kolinsky Synthetic fiber with nickel plated brass ferrule size 10 provides performance equivalent to natural hair of Kolinsky Sable, with a perfect seal and compact tip, optimal absorbency and return in shape, and controlled and precise stretch, making it ideal for fine details and precision. Both brushes are vegan and cruelty free.


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