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Borciani e Bonazzi 49 Cat Blonde Bristle

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Expertly designed for flawless application, Borciani e Bonazzi 49 Cat Blonde Bristle features a long, contoured wooden handle and a nickel-plated brass ferrule. The blonde hog bristle boasts a unique conical and feathered structure, providing excellent absorbency and a controlled release for fluid paints. The rounded cat's tongue shape of series 49 ensures smooth and even application without any visible lines, making it perfect for water-based paints and the petal technique. Its long and lightweight handle is ideal for working on vertical surfaces, offering a comprehensive perspective. Packaged in a protective transparent tube, this brush is a must-have for achieving soft, seamless strokes in acrylic, tempera, and oil. Experience a soft, round petal form with every stroke, thanks to the smooth and subtle line it creates.

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