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Borciani e Bonazzi 106 Kolinsky Sable Round for Touch-Ups

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Pointed brush with Kolinsky sable hair, short handle in earth-red lacquered wood with gold tip and nickel-plated brass ferrule.

The precious Kolinsky sable hair is ideal for watercolours and extremely diluted techniques such as oil glazes and gouache. The natural hair has an extreme colour absorbency with a slow and homogeneous release, for a continuous and light brushstroke.

Series 106 is characterised by a soft and full brushstroke, which deposits the colour in a homogeneous and light manner, particularly appreciated by hyper-realistic painters, restorers and gilders. The particular pointed conical shape is ideal for precise and light pressure, with a good flow of colour given by the solid filament at the base. The filament is short for greater precision in the detail.

The handle is short, light and easy to handle, being perfect for small and precision work, whilst the broad range of sizes means the perfect brush for any type of pictorial operation, even starting from 1/5 fractions of zero. When pressure is applied, the line is light and full yet very precise, leaving an elongated drop-like stroke.

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