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Borciani e Bonazzi 105 Kolinsky Sable Round

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Elongated round tip brush with Kolinsky sable hair, short handle in earth-red lacquered wood with gold tip and nickel-plated brass ferrule.

The precious Kolinsky sable hair is ideal for watercolours and extremely diluted techniques such as oil glazes and gouache. The natural hair has an extreme colour absorbency with a slow and homogeneous release, for a continuous and light brushstroke.

Series 105 is characterised by a short, light and manageable handle, suitable for small and precision work on a horizontal plane, offered in a broad range of sizes to be perfect for any type of pictorial operation, from details to full backgrounds. The round tip is precise, being perfect for both very thin and continuous lines as well as applying bases on extensive surfaces, always whilst maintaining the form. Individually packaged in resealable protective transparent plastic tube.


When used at the tip, the line is thin, continuous and long-lasting, if pressure is applied it strokes a rhomboid shape with an elongated leaf.

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